FULL MATCH - Team WWE vs. The Nexus - 7-on-7 Elimination Match: SummerSlam 2010


  • {}Alêx_Cakê{} ;V
    {}Alêx_Cakê{} ;VOra fa

    Quien mierda esta haciendo ss todo el rato

  • Luiza Limas Barbosa
    Luiza Limas BarbosaOra fa

    Que luta

  • Luiza Limas Barbosa
    Luiza Limas BarbosaOra fa

    Meu deus

    ICEY- CODM3 ore fa


    ICEY- CODM3 ore fa

    DB good iffy tho

    ICEY- CODM3 ore fa

    Wwe team long hair gaudy who tha5

  • Givaldo Melo
    Givaldo Melo5 ore fa

    Cena cena

  • Oakboy23
    Oakboy235 ore fa

    Daniel Bryan was amazing he tried to make John Cena feels better after edge and Jericho beat him up

  • Oliver Öhman
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  • Hasan Pro
    Hasan Pro7 ore fa

    Proffessional boxer john cenaaaaaa

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  • Jacob Madrigal
    Jacob Madrigal7 ore fa

    I hate the nexus so much

  • wagner Ruiz
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    Sena legends😎

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    Crypto currency is the future and the pandemic help me to realize it.

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    Hay quá!

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    Iya my life

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    جانسین گوزو

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    کوصکش کتک خوردنت خوبه بلند بشو بجنگ

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    واقعا غرب وحشی هستین

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    sunil bigboy rockstar13 ore fa

    Nice match

  • April Cortez
    April Cortez14 ore fa

    Wondering what happened to Ryback?

  • Jay Burris
    Jay Burris14 ore fa

    They say that Nexus losing was a bad decision but listen to the pop when Cena team won

  • Yearman8


    54 minuti fa

    Well yeah there was a pop but imagine the shock people would’ve been in if the Nexus did win

  • Briton Belarmino
    Briton Belarmino14 ore fa

    Vince should have let Nexus won this match. But instead wanted Team WWE to win 'cause of John Cena

  • Jesus Rafael Ortega
    Jesus Rafael Ortega15 ore fa

    Soy el fan numero 1 de yohn cena lo quisiera conoser

  • Junior feliz Maldonado Mendoza
    Junior feliz Maldonado Mendoza16 ore fa

    the best John Cena's group

  • Adventures with AG
    Adventures with AG16 ore fa

    37:38 That is when Cena ends Nexus Chance of cursing WWE!

  • hanibal king
    hanibal king16 ore fa

    Who was worse John cena ir cm punk to finish the NEXUS

  • The Ritoxic
    The Ritoxic16 ore fa

    OMG jhon cena

  • Deaf Dove
    Deaf Dove16 ore fa

    i just relize that this match is from 2010. what a great shows.

  • Giant Waddles
    Giant Waddles17 ore fa

    Yeah king it's Brian Danielson

  • yehonevah salvareign
    yehonevah salvareign17 ore fa

    This video was pretty fresh

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    Nightbot ✓17 ore fa

  • Herminio Barrios
    Herminio Barrios17 ore fa

    No que no NNN

  • Herminio Barrios
    Herminio Barrios17 ore fa

    Ponle una ya ec trucha cena acuerdate en la celda y la cara de 🐸🐸🐸🐸

  • Tha BeastSTL
    Tha BeastSTL18 ore fa

    Daniel Bryan turned out to be one of he better performers in WWE at his best.

  • Shown Canja
    Shown Canja19 ore fa

    if miz did not hit daniel bryan team wwe would won

  • Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson20 ore fa

    @Sharpe shooter ™ HACCp at the sab ™ HACCp

  • 1:1 Derrel Tenia
    1:1 Derrel Tenia20 ore fa

    throwback to when R Truth wasn't a coke addict

  • Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson20 ore fa

    @ Don't try this at homerun flip out the top ropes crazy ™ gillette ™° after-shave old sPice ™ tobacco escavich ™ HACCp foreign object ™ did you see Dart Statically ™©® 6

  • Sandra Richardson
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  • Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson20 ore fa

    & he's kicking the Guy © lol ™ 24

  • Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson20 ore fa

    @Flair is back Gogonzola John siner Coke Cola is itt ©®\ whom danielle bretthey™ 🍟™ Chiquita banana ™ HACCp ™ four horse men tony blanchard ™ HACCp CriX

  • megamindgaming
    megamindgaming22 ore fa

    Cena and his golden shovel

  • シDenzyelツ
    シDenzyelツ22 ore fa

    Me: *sees AJ Styles get alot of bloss* Me again: why AJ styles I wish roman ring was here for him. He would have finish them with the super man Punch

  • JohnBaer95
    JohnBaer9522 ore fa

    This was pure bad booking in its finest

  • KoolAsianNinja
    KoolAsianNinja23 ore fa

    Summerslam 2010 Eliminations: 3:16 Darren Young Eliminated 6:06 Michael Tarver Eliminated 10:00 John Morrison Eliminated 10:30 R-Truth Eliminated 14:37 Bret Hart Eliminated 15:45 Sheffield Eliminated 21:42 David Otunga Eliminated 22:36 Chris Jericho Eliminated 23:11 Edge Eliminated 31:33 Heath Slater Eliminated 31:57 Daniel Bryan Eliminated 37:21 Justin Gabriel Eliminated 37:38 Wade Barrett Eliminated Winner: John Cena (Team WWE)

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  • HotSpanish VlogS
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    Final épico.... 😄😄 Peru

  • heyyoitsmebrian
    heyyoitsmebrianGiorno fa

    the match where Cena famously re-wrote the ending to make himself look super strong, killed the nexus's momentum, they never recovered and no one ever turned into the big star they were hoping for

  • heyyoitsmebrian


    10 ore fa

    @Patricio Ruiz Lauerta thats all true

  • Patricio Ruiz Lauerta

    Patricio Ruiz Lauerta

    16 ore fa

    U lie

  • Giorgi Smith
    Giorgi SmithGiorno fa

    Shef muel looks reminds me of Ryback

  • allstar big daddy
    allstar big daddyGiorno fa

    John is a goat

  • Anime Boy
    Anime BoyGiorno fa

    they about nexus having a legacy well.. i wonder what happened to them now

  • Olanise Velami

    Olanise Velami

    21 ora fa


  • Olanise Velami

    Olanise Velami

    21 ora fa


  • Olanise Velami

    Olanise Velami

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    Fuef. Fhtcj vinaeq nliubt vgtrdsaqxh baky

  • Anime Boy
    Anime BoyGiorno fa

    Miz with the money in the bank is never too late

  • Young Hurricane
    Young HurricaneGiorno fa

    One of my favorite matches at that SummerSlam PPV!

  • Rangga Ramadhan
    Rangga RamadhanGiorno fa

    John cena aim defeat

  • mY_Wasaga
    mY_WasagaGiorno fa

    Never stop John Cena never

  • Berkay Biçici
    Berkay BiçiciGiorno fa

    21:26 wtf what happened?

  • K M TV
    K M TVGiorno fa

    Wel done john Cena ❤❤

  • The 60ks
    The 60ksGiorno fa

    30:54 this guy has a board witch says cena sucks man SHUT UP

  • Iyajoud
    IyajoudGiorno fa

    i hate nexus

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    اشوفك ادور التعليق العربي

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    منو عربي يحك لايك 👍🙋‍♂️

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  • arnas kalkauskas
    arnas kalkauskasGiorno fa

    john cene team proo

  • arnas kalkauskas
    arnas kalkauskasGiorno fa

    nexus team noob fakin nexus

  • arnas kalkauskas
    arnas kalkauskasGiorno fa

    winner john cenee

  • matt holt
    matt holtGiorno fa

    lol when cole said this would be bretts greatest accomplishment if he could help team wwe beat nexus lol. i was like no lol.

  • Akene Washington

    Akene Washington

    15 ore fa

    He should've said "one of"

  • Keanu Cora
    Keanu CoraGiorno fa

    WWE shows Chris Jericho

  • yt mamas
    yt mamasGiorno fa

    Jhon cena nomber 1

  • Huy 205🇻🇳✅
    Huy 205🇻🇳✅Giorno fa


  • Sabin Miguel
    Sabin MiguelGiorno fa

    7:10 love John Cena's reaction to that😂😂

  • lauren
    laurenGiorno fa

    Out of all the nexus superstars bryan was the first to be released, brought back and became the only one to succeed long term in the company.

  • lauren


    14 ore fa

    @the best in the world I see i dont remember much of 2010/11 I was only 10-11 y/o

  • the best in the world

    the best in the world

    14 ore fa

    @lauren But he joined later on

  • the best in the world

    the best in the world

    14 ore fa

    @lauren Yes Harris was a part of Nexus

  • lauren


    14 ore fa

    @the best in the world Forgot about him but was he appart of this nexus?

  • the best in the world

    the best in the world

    14 ore fa

    Husky Harris?

  • Kenniel Diaz
    Kenniel DiazGiorno fa

    Jhon Cena = Wwe 37:48

  • Garner Ted Gaurino
    Garner Ted GaurinoGiorno fa

    i really like john cena

  • rio adrian
    rio adrianGiorno fa

    Me: Indonesia John Cena ❤️❤️

  • Silver Animation
    Silver AnimationGiorno fa

    Why wasn't this match done at Survivor Series?

  • Kakoki Kos
    Kakoki KosGiorno fa


  • 모바일게임tv
    모바일게임tvGiorno fa

    넥서스+에지 나쁘네

  • PeachTube
    PeachTubeGiorno fa

    I love John Cena but damn the Nexus should’ve beaten him and to this day I still dislike the fact he made THAT the finish.

  • Ерлан Жатканбаев
    Ерлан ЖатканбаевGiorno fa


  • Juan Vega
    Juan VegaGiorno fa

    Por favor

  • Brayden Dunn
    Brayden DunnGiorno fa

    Jhon cena is a goat with the 1v2 and daniel Bryan skills are just perfect

  • Logan
    LoganGiorno fa

    4:27 that looked insane

  • Amrani Rani
    Amrani RaniGiorno fa


  • Amrani Rani
    Amrani RaniGiorno fa


  • Francy elena Cubilos medina
    Francy elena Cubilos medinaGiorno fa

    Eres el mejor ❣️ cena

  • The Black Hood
    The Black HoodGiorno fa

    The Nexus is the biggest wasted faction in WWE history. Wade Barrett should have become WWE Champion or at least World Heavyweight Champion

  • 이순옥
    이순옥Giorno fa


  • Saputra Lahat
    Saputra LahatGiorno fa


  • Dunia Tahiri MJ
    Dunia Tahiri MJGiorno fa

    The blow to the head has served to wake him up and win😂👉

  • حمد علي
    حمد عليGiorno fa

    Highball glasses 🤓 you want to come over and take a picture of the one

  • Zerimarz
    ZerimarzGiorno fa

    Yep this one of the buried alive match, literally.

  • Agus Mahendra
    Agus MahendraGiorno fa

    Woww epic comback😎😎 the jonh cena

  • 4per
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  • Giftedsoilder
    GiftedsoilderGiorno fa

    Idl miz

  • Jaykaleab1123
    Jaykaleab1123Giorno fa

    Joncena destroyed them all

  • Gamer Sense

    Gamer Sense

    13 ore fa

    Like u destroy his name

  • JetSlayer1111
    JetSlayer1111Giorno fa

    We can all agree that R-Truth is fun to watch



    Giorno fa


  • Landenlazar


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    Giorno fa

    Let's go Cena. Cena saxs

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