Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with LA Knight and Cameron Grimes: WWE NXT, June 8, 2021

LA Knight and Cameron Grimes show off their lavish lifestyles before they go one on one at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.‪

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  • TheDisruptiveOne
    TheDisruptiveOneOra fa

    Reminds me of the funny feud between Velveteen Dream and EC3 a few years back.

  • wetn00d
    wetn00d21 ora fa

    The worst two promos and gimmicks ive seen in awhile...

  • Kennis Dean
    Kennis DeanGiorno fa

    La knight vs Cameron Grimes in a ladder match for the million dollar championship

  • Death Himself
    Death HimselfGiorno fa

    Could be me but..since the GameStop promo, Cameron Grimes be giving off more Ric Flair vibes then Ted DiBiase...

  • Jordyn Stief
    Jordyn Stief2 giorni fa

    A while later into the Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship on NXT Takeover: In Your House... Vic Joseph: We're back here with our Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship on NXT Takeover: In Your House and there you see, the current Grand WWE Champion, Empress Madame Ninja Barrett maintaining control of the match. Beth Phoenix: Yeah. She has not allowed either LA Knight or Cameron Grimes to make a move. Emperor Wade Barrett: It's amazing to see how far she's come in a matter of years. Empress Madame Ninja Barrett: *pants, coughs and groans in pain* (wipes the sweat from her brow and takes the opportunity to heal herself wearing the black metallic General Manager's outfit, the Constable of SmackDown medal around her neck with the red heart locket, the Snake Amulet and the Lone Wolf amulet pendant also around her neck, the TNA General's coat and hat, the full body armor set based off of the Bane of Darkness Spirit, Galeem, which was fused with the light of Ultra Necrozma, Zamasu and Ashrah and the black metallic hitman's outfit.) Okay. Let's do this. I think you gentlemen see that I'm not backing down without a fight. I want you to know that I've learned a new move just for tonight. Beth: Oh, we're going to get that new move Ninja learned for this match. Ninja: (prepares to hit her new move.) Alright. Here it comes. I'm calling this one right here the Market Crash. Wade: My Dearest with a double Market Crash. Ninja: (hits them both with the Market Crash.) Okay. Now to get my hands on the Million Dollar Championship. (picks up the ladder, climbs up on it, reaches for the Million Dollar Championship and raises it in the air to signal that she's got it.) Wade: She's got it. Referee: (motions for the bell.) Ring the bell. *bell rings, signaling the match's end, I Bring The Darkness (End of Days) entrance theme suddenly plays in the background* Announcer: Here's your winner and the new Million Dollar Champion, the Grand WWE Champion, Empress Madame Ninja Barrett. Referee: (awards her the Million Dollar Championship and raises her hand in victory.) Ninja: (takes the Million Dollar Championship.) Beth: Chalk this up as another win for Empress Barrett. Vic: Wade, you have to wonder if this rivalry between your wife and apprentice and Cameron Grimes will just be getting started after tonight. Wade: I have a feeling that this rivalry's been just itching to kick off.

  • M Possable
    M Possable2 giorni fa

    Lemme talk to ya 🎶 Dummy..dummy..dummy..dummy...Duuummmmy...Yeeea!🎶 That would’ve been gold if he would’ve done that 😩😂😂🤣🤣

  • Donny khuana
    Donny khuana3 giorni fa

    To the moon ❤️❤️

  • Mantis 21
    Mantis 213 giorni fa

    This is what pro wrestling storytelling is supposed to be.

  • Jazib Hussain
    Jazib Hussain3 giorni fa

    Did he say “Cameron Ball”

  • B. M. A.
    B. M. A.3 giorni fa

    Someone link me the IG of the pale girl in the LA Knight video. Thanks.

  • Manuel Ortiz
    Manuel Ortiz3 giorni fa

    Surprised Grimes wasn’t driving a Tesla

  • Dihydrotestosterone
    Dihydrotestosterone3 giorni fa

    LA Knight wins this one

  • Bbbmbb L
    Bbbmbb L3 giorni fa

    Cameron grimes looks like a bum

  • YASH Joshi
    YASH Joshi3 giorni fa

    LA knight yeaaaaaaaaaah

  • M K
    M K4 giorni fa

    So funny!!

  • 23 96
    23 964 giorni fa

    LA Knight is gold. Put the Million Dollar Championship on him this Sunday.

  • Jacky Dang
    Jacky Dang4 giorni fa

    Cameron grimes gonna win at nxt takeover in your house ladder match become million dollar champion

  • Raphaël
    Raphaël4 giorni fa

    0:57 Perfect, love LA Knight. Also that's me after watching one minute of RAW.

  • Dr Mridula Kar
    Dr Mridula Kar4 giorni fa

    Too The Mooon Camreon Grimes❤️

  • UrbanCarnage
    UrbanCarnage4 giorni fa

    Cameron's house and car are way better

  • syahmi_23m penang
    syahmi_23m penang4 giorni fa


  • Ethan S
    Ethan S4 giorni fa

    Tag team

  • Taju Noor
    Taju Noor4 giorni fa

    ELI Drake singing money money and ending with YEAH!😂

  • DntWasteIt
    DntWasteIt4 giorni fa

    NXT was a flawless show this week

  • Junior Original One
    Junior Original One4 giorni fa

    That make my day this storyline is money all day everyday 🔥🔥🔥💵💵💵💵💵💸💸💸💸💸💶💶💶💶Cameron is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the smoke ans the drink wasn't good enough for him i'm dead 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Noe Toledo
    Noe Toledo4 giorni fa

    Hell I thought I would see Cameron Grimes live in a Doble wide trailer or in a rundown Choo,Choo Train 🤣🤣🤣.

  • The Slender Man
    The Slender Man4 giorni fa

    Nice Air B&B!

  • JRR31984
    JRR319844 giorni fa

    P.S. I think they holding LA Knight back (for weeks) and I think he's feeling it. It's bull. And putting these two together (here) is wrong, in my opinion. GOLD. But, in the end the one who shows it and works it is LA Knight. Are they thinking LA Knight is getting old in the years?? I think that's a funny suggestion, but hate could hardly stand love and minds are jello-- so, depends what you dishing for a BOSS like he first/ been came. B)

  • JRR31984
    JRR319844 giorni fa

    LA Knight came like a lyrical BEAST and Grimes came in like a funny money obsessor.... >B)

  • Bryson Hardy
    Bryson Hardy4 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes cannot smoke the Cigars, that's bad for him. I'll have my own Luxury House.

  • JRR31984
    JRR319844 giorni fa

    I want LA KNIGHT to gain like ten pounds! (MUSCLE BAKED (90% there)) Talk the world with you-- times two. And Grimes is hectic mooshmosh. And I mean that with the best polarity, for both your houses. >B)

  • Diego Zambrano
    Diego Zambrano4 giorni fa

    These two are some of the best talent out there in the modern era

  • Joaquin Choque
    Joaquin Choque4 giorni fa


  • Midnight Carnage
    Midnight Carnage5 giorni fa

    Absolutely Cringe

  • Kingsley R
    Kingsley R5 giorni fa

    Grimes has been entertaining since day one!

  • Ruben Bon
    Ruben Bon5 giorni fa

    Keep him in nxt

  • MADBD619
    MADBD6195 giorni fa

    Boy. How cool this must be for them. Crazy.

  • Michael Leahy
    Michael Leahy5 giorni fa

    Jake Atlas should really be in this match

  • Иuсleая Ротдто
    Иuсleая Ротдто5 giorni fa

    Imagine Ric Flair got involved in this storyline?

  • Abdilah Adnani
    Abdilah Adnani5 giorni fa

    Money money money money yeaah🤑😂😂😂😂😂

  • WR3D 🇵🇭
    WR3D 🇵🇭5 giorni fa


  • Crystal Griffith
    Crystal Griffith5 giorni fa

    Grimes cracked me when he started to massage his massager. 🤣

  • Seth Freakin Rollins✔
    Seth Freakin Rollins✔5 giorni fa

    Grimes is a gem. He deserves to win the Million Dollar Championship.

  • 23 96

    23 96

    4 giorni fa

    LA Knight should win on Sunday, the long build to Grimes getting the title will be worth it.

  • Completely Lost

    Completely Lost

    5 giorni fa


  • Seth Freakin Rollins✔
    Seth Freakin Rollins✔5 giorni fa

    Only Grimes can pull off such a gimmick while coming off as both a heel and a babyface. He's definitely the right man for this storyline.

  • Traw 206
    Traw 2065 giorni fa

    I love CAMERON GRIMES!!! can't wait for this match

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez5 giorni fa

    Love camero grimes😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ivernn Pang
    Ivernn Pang5 giorni fa

    La is hot

  • Moses Waswa
    Moses Waswa5 giorni fa


  • rober metal
    rober metal5 giorni fa

    La Knight for the win imagine la Knight with the million dollar title man i want to see that

  • Ultimate Baking and Fishing Dude
    Ultimate Baking and Fishing Dude5 giorni fa

    LA Knights “house I guess” is awesome especially on the ocean

  • Ween Isqz
    Ween Isqz5 giorni fa

    Imagine LA Knight, Cameron Grimes and Ethan Carter the third in a ladder match for the million dollar championship at takeover

  • Michael Marino

    Michael Marino

    5 giorni fa

    All 3 would make a great Million Dollar Stable

  • Alif Najmi
    Alif Najmi5 giorni fa

    0:00 - 0:06 Everyone can hear that Eli Drake tried to sing ''Million Dollars Man'' Ted Dibiase's theme song

  • OmegaSaiyan Uchiha
    OmegaSaiyan Uchiha5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes better win.

  • Michael Vazquez
    Michael Vazquez5 giorni fa


  • Sir Huss
    Sir Huss5 giorni fa

    Where is Trexxus? I want Trexxus!

  • Adam weather fan and wwe
    Adam weather fan and wwe5 giorni fa

    Nice video wwe

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee5 giorni fa

    At this point I wouldn’t be mad if La Knight wins. He’s more like ted dibiase. But Cameron Grimes is just the best thing ever 😂

  • Ghadi Abbas
    Ghadi Abbas5 giorni fa

    Rich L.A knight looks good

  • Kenneth Lim
    Kenneth Lim5 giorni fa

    I see a good charlotte fan there

  • methodius uwizera
    methodius uwizera5 giorni fa

    Loved Eli Drake the minute i saw him on Impact. I really hope LA Knight does his gift of gab justice in WWE

    AWWEFAN995 giorni fa

    this segment is so old school wwf i love it

  • Ring the Bell
    Ring the Bell5 giorni fa


  • K C
    K C5 giorni fa

    How are these guys not on the main roster?

  • Aaron Carroll
    Aaron Carroll5 giorni fa

    The brown haired girl with LA knight looks like somebodies substitute teacher. She can’t even hold a wine glass.

  • Estrelieta Longakit
    Estrelieta Longakit5 giorni fa

    Wew,you have a two girlfriend,

  • Pedro-Chu von Pika-stache
    Pedro-Chu von Pika-stache5 giorni fa

    Expected Cameron Grimes to live in a golden double wide trailer

  • Amirul Faez Samiran
    Amirul Faez Samiran5 giorni fa

    Eli Drake vs Trevor Lee

  • Yoga Yudhistira
    Yoga Yudhistira5 giorni fa

    the most entertainment nxt roster

  • hussein masito
    hussein masito5 giorni fa

    Both are good entertainers let's wait for the match

  • Yoga Yudhistira
    Yoga Yudhistira5 giorni fa

    underrated match

    PAPANG5 giorni fa

    "Cameron Grimes using ROLLS ROYCE" Elon Musk :

  • Stuart Burr
    Stuart Burr5 giorni fa


  • Dominik Šosták
    Dominik Šosták5 giorni fa

    two geysers of charisma

  • gman2015
    gman20155 giorni fa

    So happy to see Eli Drake in the WWE even tho it took about 5 years from when he was catching fire in Impact. Can’t wait for him to insult the live audience again.

  • DntWasteIt


    4 giorni fa


  • Giorgia Simeoni
    Giorgia Simeoni5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes to The Moon 🌕🌕🌕🌕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥him is a future Million Dollar Champion 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • david - slayer
    david - slayer5 giorni fa


  • Spellbinding Circle Productions
    Spellbinding Circle Productions5 giorni fa

    This is honestly my favorite feud in wrestling right now. Both guys are giving it 100% and both of them are absolutely hilarious.

  • Metalheadjake


    5 giorni fa


  • Francisco Carrillo
    Francisco Carrillo5 giorni fa

    x2 This is the best storyline in WWE.

  • Wesley Abramoff
    Wesley Abramoff5 giorni fa

    As much as I want Cameron Grimes to win, does anyone else like LA Knight's Mercedes-Benz?

  • Harold Miranda
    Harold Miranda5 giorni fa

    Wish Robin Leach was still alive to narrate this!

  • BG
    BG5 giorni fa

    I could buy a place like that in Florida, it's nothing special. Try buying that out here in the bay area.

  • Mitchell Sommer

    Mitchell Sommer

    Giorno fa


  • AZRY 93
    AZRY 935 giorni fa

    grimes just burned up 100 dollar just to light up his ciggar . dude's extra

  • J23 Record Music
    J23 Record Music5 giorni fa

    LA Knight future Million Dollar Champion

  • CAPUZ np

    CAPUZ np

    5 giorni fa

    Pls no

  • Hayden Hewings
    Hayden Hewings5 giorni fa

    0:41 What do you reckon Knight has his ‘sword’ unsheathed in that scene?

  • thesnakeman8006
    thesnakeman80065 giorni fa

    You know what? Just let knight have an ACTUAL name. Like, I don't know maybe Lawrence Anthony Knight? Kind of like irwin r schyster's play on the initials IRS? It could work,wwe. Try it out Lawrence Anthony Knight actually sounds WAY MORE formal

  • thesnakeman8006


    4 giorni fa

    @Nolan Jarrett i completely forget about levi. I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nolan Jarrett

    Nolan Jarrett

    4 giorni fa

    I’d prefer Levi because it sounds like his old name Eli. Levi Anthony Knight

  • Ray Ed
    Ray Ed5 giorni fa

    Hey Let me Talk to the Moon

  • спарко рко
    спарко рко5 giorni fa

    eli drake is underrated megastar

  • Sean Soupy
    Sean Soupy5 giorni fa

    did they use zack ryders pool again

  • Eddie Sena
    Eddie Sena5 giorni fa

    I honestly just love Cameron Grimes and LA Knight but i got my money on Cameron Grimes i just feel like L.A Knight is not ready for a Title Yet but i don't mind whoever wins I'll be happy with both

  • owen percival
    owen percival5 giorni fa

    this was Awesome!

  • Mark Uy
    Mark Uy5 giorni fa


  • Goddess Liv
    Goddess Liv5 giorni fa

    That Mansion is so beautiful that LA Knight Lives In!!! 🖤✨

  • Geoffrey Willemsen
    Geoffrey Willemsen5 giorni fa

    La knight having an awesome mansion with with ladies on his side and same with Cameron grimes

  • iExplore
    iExplore5 giorni fa

    Atlas beat them both, Ted will probably unveil Atlas to be the champ

  • dqshii


    5 giorni fa

    Atlas is the definition of boring.

  • Colin McCullough
    Colin McCullough5 giorni fa

    LA Knight would be the better to carry the million dollar legacy but Cameron Grimes deserves the title more.

  • Jamari Johnson
    Jamari Johnson5 giorni fa

    Next Million Dollar Champion Will Be Cameron Grimes🔥

  • MrSamboy234
    MrSamboy2345 giorni fa

    LA Knight should win this but WWE is getting ready for the bury shovel

  • Grisna official
    Grisna official5 giorni fa

    Cameron grimes

  • Addison Lidderman
    Addison Lidderman5 giorni fa

    I’m Excited For NXT Takeover In Your House!!! 🤍

  • Captain Jobber
    Captain Jobber5 giorni fa

    Eli Drake singing in the shower is the most hilarious thing in a while.

  • herecomesdatrain


    4 giorni fa

    @Rodney White also championship wrestling from Hollywood where he was the last person managed by the late great paul bearer or percy pringle

  • Captain Jobber

    Captain Jobber

    4 giorni fa

    @DntWasteIt He used the name in NWA. Not sure if it's because of a working relationship but I still think he owns the rights to Eli Drake.

  • DntWasteIt


    4 giorni fa

    @Karl Williams I think Impact owns the name Eli Drake

  • Captain Jobber

    Captain Jobber

    5 giorni fa

    @Karl Williams I think he was the one who wanted to hold onto Eli Drake, so in case they bury him he can use it somewhere else.

  • Karl Williams

    Karl Williams

    5 giorni fa

    This LA Knight name is dumb. Idk why they couldn't keep his Eli Drake name...WWE always changing something.

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