Cameron Grimes’ Million Dollar Dream: WWE Network Exclusive, June 8, 2021

Cameron Grimes is ready to climb to the moon - and to the Million Dollar Championship.
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  • k p
    k pGiorno fa

    man Cameron grimes has been a star Triple h did again ! Trevor lee was a talented professional wrestler but Cameron grimes is talented superstars .. I still cant get the fact how all these indies guys and gals are talented professionals wrestlers before Nxt but in Nxt they seem kick to next find that missing piece to make talented superstars . Raw and smack can learn how many stars.

  • Tuna On A Stick
    Tuna On A StickGiorno fa

    I'm so glad he found his own unique character. I thought he was just going to be another hillbilly jabronie but hell yeah he's so much better now!

  • Jordyn Stief
    Jordyn Stief2 giorni fa

    A while later into the Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship on NXT Takeover: In Your House... Vic Joseph: We're back here with our Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship on NXT Takeover: In Your House and there you see, the current Grand WWE Champion, Empress Madame Ninja Barrett maintaining control of the match. Beth Phoenix: Yeah. She has not allowed either LA Knight or Cameron Grimes to make a move. Emperor Wade Barrett: It's amazing to see how far she's come in a matter of years. Empress Madame Ninja Barrett: *pants, coughs and groans in pain* (wipes the sweat from her brow and takes the opportunity to heal herself wearing the black metallic General Manager's outfit, the Constable of SmackDown medal around her neck with the red heart locket, the Snake Amulet and the Lone Wolf amulet pendant also around her neck, the TNA General's coat and hat, the full body armor set based off of the Bane of Darkness Spirit, Galeem, which was fused with the light of Ultra Necrozma, Zamasu and Ashrah and the black metallic hitman's outfit.) Okay. Let's do this. I think you gentlemen see that I'm not backing down without a fight. I want you to know that I've learned a new move just for tonight. Beth: Oh, we're going to get that new move Ninja learned for this match. Ninja: (prepares to hit her new move.) Alright. Here it comes. I'm calling this one right here the Market Crash. Wade: My Dearest with a double Market Crash. Ninja: (hits them both with the Market Crash.) Okay. Now to get my hands on the Million Dollar Championship. (picks up the ladder, climbs up on it, reaches for the Million Dollar Championship and raises it in the air to signal that she's got it.) Wade: She's got it. Referee: (motions for the bell.) Ring the bell. *bell rings, signaling the match's end, I Bring The Darkness (End of Days) entrance theme suddenly plays in the background* Announcer: Here's your winner and the new Million Dollar Champion, the Grand WWE Champion, Empress Madame Ninja Barrett. Referee: (awards her the Million Dollar Championship and raises her hand in victory.) Ninja: (takes the Million Dollar Championship.) Beth: Chalk this up as another win for Empress Barrett. Vic: Wade, you have to wonder if this rivalry between your wife and apprentice and Cameron Grimes will just be getting started after tonight. Wade: I have a feeling that this rivalry's been just itching to kick off.

  • Francisco Figueroa
    Francisco Figueroa2 giorni fa

    This man been gold since his TNA day's now he's going to the moon

  • Net
    Net2 giorni fa

    Grimes is the best thing on NXT right now.

  • Neto Ramirez
    Neto Ramirez2 giorni fa

    He's so entertaining..... love it.

  • Manuel Ortiz
    Manuel Ortiz3 giorni fa

    This man made zombies in WWE work... 🧟‍♂️ 🧟

  • Ricky May
    Ricky May3 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes is just too awesome! Heel or face the guy is gold

  • Andy Obi
    Andy Obi3 giorni fa

    This rivalry will not only be epic but will be historic.

  • Vinshen Lee
    Vinshen Lee4 giorni fa

    History is about to be born

  • Kurtis Morris
    Kurtis Morris4 giorni fa

    Cameron is telling the truth about LA Knight wanting to be The Rock. I knew I wasn't the only one that noticed that.

    RUBI NAYAK4 giorni fa


  • Eric Etten Jr
    Eric Etten Jr4 giorni fa

    LA Knight and Cameron Grimes alone can hold a promo all day literally.

  • Jon Jablonowski
    Jon Jablonowski4 giorni fa


  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson4 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes is going to win that awesome millions man championship

  • Junior Original One
    Junior Original One4 giorni fa

    Who's ready for this match because i'm super ready for this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Y Kies
    Y Kies4 giorni fa

    Tooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Y Kies
    Y Kies4 giorni fa

    I can’t believe I never watch him he a star

  • joey gill
    joey gill4 giorni fa

    CAMERON GRIMES will grab that title and take it TO THE MOON

  • Christopher De Rycke
    Christopher De Rycke4 giorni fa

    Grimes is on fire

  • Juan Díaz
    Juan Díaz4 giorni fa

    Yes yes yes

  • Midnight Carnage
    Midnight Carnage5 giorni fa

    The Title Isn't Even Prestigious

    B1ACK J3SUS5 giorni fa

    *Yes, just plain yes Cameron, you're a Babyface now* Anyone else all of a sudden love Cameron Grimes even more after this interview?

  • slayer of crusaders and small hat and pajeets
    slayer of crusaders and small hat and pajeets5 giorni fa

    Damn shot fire

  • MegaElitePredator
    MegaElitePredator5 giorni fa

    This is going to be a great match

  • MADBD619
    MADBD6195 giorni fa

    There’s no way that kind of dream will come true………….

  • The Wrestling Nerd 18
    The Wrestling Nerd 185 giorni fa


  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo Molele5 giorni fa

    We're stacking money all the way TO THE MOON 🌑🌕🌑🌕

  • WR3D 🇵🇭
    WR3D 🇵🇭5 giorni fa

    Cameron grimes face turn ?

  • Seth Freakin Rollins✔
    Seth Freakin Rollins✔5 giorni fa

    Only Grimes can pull off such a gimmick while coming off as both a heel and a babyface. He's definitely the right man for this storyline.

  • Wasif Pixel

    Wasif Pixel

    5 giorni fa


  • Thilakarathne Thilakarathne
    Thilakarathne Thilakarathne5 giorni fa


  • Graven Wolf
    Graven Wolf5 giorni fa

    This Cameron's time to shine. He will become the first million dollar champ and future NA champ, all the way to NXT champion.

  • Moses Waswa
    Moses Waswa5 giorni fa


  • Daniel Celine
    Daniel Celine5 giorni fa

    Man. This guys promos are insane , he can go from a sympethic face to a arrogant heel in seconds.

  • OmegaSaiyan Uchiha
    OmegaSaiyan Uchiha5 giorni fa

    Future NXT Champion.

  • Racgz
    Racgz5 giorni fa

    The battle of charismatic character

  • The Rainmaker
    The Rainmaker5 giorni fa

    From indi wrestling to the brightest lights Grimes is an underated wrestler hats off.

  • Mike H.
    Mike H.5 giorni fa

    Beware of Grimes.

  • Rowdy_Roddy67
    Rowdy_Roddy675 giorni fa

    To The Moon!!!! 🚀🚀🚀

  • Erick Anaya
    Erick Anaya5 giorni fa

    Cameron grimes is helping the masses start investing, crypto king Cam grimes the goat.

  • The Best
    The Best5 giorni fa

    Whoever loses this match should debut on the main roster.

  • Tom Seville
    Tom Seville5 giorni fa

    They're not acknowledging that the Million Dollar title became an albatross for whoever held it except Ted Sr. himself; Steve Austin had to shed Ted, the belt and "The Ringmaster" name to start to make it. Virgil and Ted's own son went on the slide after holding it, like some KOTR winners were buried after winning it, making the title kayfabe bad luck instead of guaranteed main event status...

  • Fellipe M.
    Fellipe M.5 giorni fa

    Nxt ta em outro nível já, empolga bem mais que o Main Roster.

  • Hank Acham
    Hank Acham5 giorni fa


  • Adam weather fan and wwe
    Adam weather fan and wwe5 giorni fa

    Nice video wwe

  • Zubair Cena Status
    Zubair Cena Status5 giorni fa


  • Golden Omega
    Golden Omega5 giorni fa

    “You know what you tell me people if they don’t like you? You tell them to kiss your grid” -Cameron Grimes 2021 Inspiring words from Cameron right there

  • Arash TA
    Arash TA5 giorni fa

    Bruh grimmes' mic work is so hilariously awsome

  • chanty b
    chanty b5 giorni fa

    Think take raw off us nxt smackdown

  • Kazeem
    Kazeem5 giorni fa

    but LA Knight you see him a man that just want to be The Rock. damn shots fired

  • Stuart Burr
    Stuart Burr5 giorni fa


  • Giorgia Simeoni
    Giorgia Simeoni5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes is a future Million Dollar Champion 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite135 giorni fa

    Ugh! I can smell him from here.

  • Bryan Elvis Pacheco
    Bryan Elvis Pacheco5 giorni fa

    This man has his gimmick/character on route to the moon and back... he has mastered it.

  • Pete dunne fan
    Pete dunne fan5 giorni fa

    Cameron, I’m on your side. Take that million dollar $$$ championship tooooo da mooooon🤠

  • Kenneth Lim
    Kenneth Lim5 giorni fa

    What’s the point of the title though lol

  • Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast
    Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast5 giorni fa

    Best feud in nxt

  • Martin Rubio
    Martin Rubio5 giorni fa

    Happy birthday liv Morgan

  • MonteJustGettinStarted Smith
    MonteJustGettinStarted Smith5 giorni fa

    NXT is more entertaining than Monday Night Raw

  • J23 Record Music
    J23 Record Music5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes future Million Dollar Champion

  • _ travis_
    _ travis_5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes just turned face

  • Extra Crunch
    Extra Crunch5 giorni fa

    Hearing him speak in a calm voice is nice, he sounds like a real Face with what he says too. He can play it all man. Ive been lovin him since before he became a money man and he was shootin for the NA Title. Idk if he's NXT Champion Material just yet, but for sure he is NA and Million Dollar Title material. I guess this push of his will show us if he got the passion, guts, grit, and heart to be Champ. Im all for it baby.

  • osman goni
    osman goni5 giorni fa

    Grimes is babyface now

  • Optimus 200
    Optimus 2005 giorni fa

    The Million Dollar title is back? NXT is better than Raw.

  • Michael Bernardi
    Michael Bernardi5 giorni fa

    Million dollar championship a gem

  • Mani Ghasabian
    Mani Ghasabian5 giorni fa

    Every segment with Cameron grimes is GOLD

  • Crypto Mischief
    Crypto Mischief5 giorni fa

    I could listen to grimes talk all day

  • Brian Mitchell
    Brian Mitchell5 giorni fa

    So I guess Cameron Grimes is a face instead a heel

  • Naveed Khan
    Naveed Khan5 giorni fa

    Too The Moon 🌙🌙🌙

  • Brandon Burrows
    Brandon Burrows5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes got me rooting for him

  • I.T.
    I.T.5 giorni fa

    Yo I I want Cameron grams to win so badly I would love to see him as the million dollar champion

  • artur z
    artur z5 giorni fa

    To the mooonnn, and then it goes down.

  • Jenno Dave
    Jenno Dave5 giorni fa

    This version of Cameron Grimes is very interesting. Wow.

  • Jawan Farmer
    Jawan Farmer5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes and La Knight are going to have the best ladder match ever

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson5 giorni fa

    So hyped for Sunday let’s go Cameron grimes going straight to the MOOON

  • Jinku Gekkougga
    Jinku Gekkougga5 giorni fa

    Please just give my boy Grimes a title, he need's one! He needs to go TOOOO THE MOOOON

  • Jamari Johnson
    Jamari Johnson5 giorni fa

    The Money Is Going To The Moon BABY💸 I can already see when he wins he’s gonna CRY I can see it just watch

  • Yifeng Toh
    Yifeng Toh5 giorni fa

    Is Cameron Grimes becoming a face?

  • suri shankar
    suri shankar5 giorni fa

    Million Dollar title back in wwe. Waiting for the return of the Word CHAMPIONSHIP again

  • Arka Mukherjee
    Arka Mukherjee5 giorni fa

    So is Cameron Grimes turning babyface?

  • Addison Lidderman
    Addison Lidderman5 giorni fa

    I cannot wait to see this Match at NXT TAKEOVER IN YOUR HOUSE!!! 🤍

  • Montel Love
    Montel Love5 giorni fa

    To the moon 🌙

  • Goddess Liv
    Goddess Liv5 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes Vs LA Knight For The Million Dollar Champion at NXT Takeover In Your House!!! 🖤✨

  • Tony P
    Tony P5 giorni fa

    Yeah Grimes is not the Rock. Don't know why they have to keep mentioning that when he isn't in wwe anymore.

  • Romeo Alvarado
    Romeo Alvarado5 giorni fa

    Calling it now Tino Sabbatelli is gonna make a Return since the Million Dollar Title fits his gimmick

  • Romeo Alvarado

    Romeo Alvarado

    5 giorni fa

    @Louis Bryan tino gonna go spy on Impact like he did with aew lol

  • Louis Bryan

    Louis Bryan

    5 giorni fa

    Nah, somewhere in the future vinny mac is gonna fire a barrage of wrestlers again due to "budget cuts" and most prolly we gon see sabbatelli's name on that list

  • Alyx
    Alyx5 giorni fa

    Man I love Cameron's work, definitely deserves the million dollar title.

  • Official Augusto The funny
    Official Augusto The funny 5 giorni fa

    They are good 👍 to go.

  • MultiStor1
    MultiStor15 giorni fa

    If I was in charge then I would add that the winner also becomes the President/Boss of the Million Dollar Corporation which other perks like a HQ, cars, bodyguards & a “million dollar” salary increase, along w/having Ted as a mentor & partner.

  • Marcos Velasquez Ortega
    Marcos Velasquez Ortega5 giorni fa

    Grimes is take that win at Sunday ppv to the moon...🏠🌚😅😅😅💰💵💲💼

  • FZ Essex
    FZ Essex5 giorni fa

    CG is a face now, he deserves to win the title

  • Jeancarlo Santolalla
    Jeancarlo Santolalla5 giorni fa

    Bruh... THIS PROMO.

  • John Paolo Torres
    John Paolo Torres5 giorni fa

    This match has two awesome superstars fighting in this match but u know what cameron grimes is gonna go straight to the moon at in your house

  • Pak Village gulzeb
    Pak Village gulzeb5 giorni fa

    I am very poor kidney is also bad please support me

  • Ⓩⓔⓛⓘⓝⓐ Ⓜⓞⓛ
    Ⓩⓔⓛⓘⓝⓐ Ⓜⓞⓛ5 giorni fa

    He is good.... !! Awesome 😍😍😍😎

  • jesse S
    jesse S5 giorni fa

    Is he a face now?

  • Avasko
    Avasko5 giorni fa

    TOOOOOOO!!! THE!!!! sun!

  • DieBatemenDie2k
    DieBatemenDie2k5 giorni fa

    Grimes Would Of Been Perfect To Be The Champ Back Then And His Perfect To Be The Champ Now Man's Got A Personality Worth A Million Dollars

    LEGENDARYKRISHGOD1995 giorni fa

    Cameron Grimes and LA night will be ready sunday

  • Reggie Wolfpac
    Reggie Wolfpac5 giorni fa

    Eli Drake vs Trevor Lee.

  • Edmond Nwamoh
    Edmond Nwamoh5 giorni fa

    To the moon 🌕🌙

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