Triple H, William Regal welcome Poppy back to NXT: WWE NXT, June 8, 2021

Poppy makes her return to the black-and-gold brand and unveils her new album, EAT - NXT SOUNDTRACK. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.‪

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  • TTVShadymarshman
    TTVShadymarshman2 ore fa

    Triple h has the best face

  • Pirate King
    Pirate King2 ore fa

    bruh this is much better than entire raw

  • SimplyJoshing
    SimplyJoshing3 ore fa


  • Tequila Sunrise
    Tequila Sunrise9 ore fa

    1:48 *It was at this moment that Dex knew... HE F*CKED UP!*

  • Lukáš
    Lukáš12 ore fa

    When does the album """"drop""""

  • Blaze_Gaming_YT
    Blaze_Gaming_YT12 ore fa


  • Ultron Sigma
    Ultron Sigma16 ore fa

    William Regal is trying so hard not to laugh. 😂

  • Shane Hughes
    Shane Hughes18 ore fa

    triple h is such a boomer

  • Omega Zapruder
    Omega Zapruder18 ore fa

    Jesus Christ, Triple H is such a ham 🤣

  • A Langoria
    A Langoria23 ore fa

    What a POS she is🤡🖕🏽

  • L0N3WULF48
    L0N3WULF4823 ore fa

    What's a poppy???

  • DigitalRagdoll
    DigitalRagdollGiorno fa

    Is her gimmick bad drugs?

  • Sharief Ragab
    Sharief RagabGiorno fa

    Don’t know who she is, but she’s gorgeous

  • Chris
    ChrisGiorno fa

    HHH was like “Yep. I remember going through this back in the day.” 😂😂😂

  • Wenche
    WencheGiorno fa

    Regal doesen’t need to say a thing his face sayes it all lol

  • The Boys For the Boys
    The Boys For the BoysGiorno fa

    This is way funnier when u just look at Regals facial expressions the whole video 😂

  • ArgoDomas
    ArgoDomasGiorno fa

    This segment alone was better than Raw.

    THAT BADASS TWKGiorno fa

    Wish they would use some ghostemane songs

  • Adrian Cooley
    Adrian CooleyGiorno fa

    What did I just watch?

  • Electrifying Rock
    Electrifying RockGiorno fa

    Poppy 👍

  • Pablo EHM.
    Pablo EHM.Giorno fa

    William Real Face 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SSG gaming
    SSG gamingGiorno fa

    Dude guys so in gimmick he didn’t blink the whole time good on you dexter

  • Mahesh Panth
    Mahesh PanthGiorno fa

    Book Triple H vs Johnny Gargano

  • Arnil Rodgers
    Arnil RodgersGiorno fa


  • michel nadeau Jr
    michel nadeau Jr2 giorni fa

    beatiful woman

  • Bucephalus
    Bucephalus2 giorni fa

    How does anyone keep a straight face around Dexter? All I have to do is see the guy and I'm rolling.

  • Elijah Watkins
    Elijah Watkins2 giorni fa

    She on my playlist 🤘🏾😅🖤🖤🖤💕

  • Cyrus Laye
    Cyrus Laye2 giorni fa


  • mandar
    mandar2 giorni fa

    she is looking like sanaya irani

  • James Gunton
    James Gunton2 giorni fa

    Great promotional stunt from Poppy haha

  • Filipe Silva
    Filipe Silva2 giorni fa

    If Aleister black comeback one day i wish ghostemane do is theme song

  • K Rich
    K Rich2 giorni fa

    Plot twist: Dexter drew a picture of Marz Argo

  • Amin Zulkarnain
    Amin Zulkarnain2 giorni fa

    Technology is amazing 😂

  • Ali Siddiqui
    Ali Siddiqui2 giorni fa

    Triple h & William be like : Omg what's going on 😂😂😂

  • David F.
    David F.2 giorni fa

    Wish they played the whole clip. Best part was the end. Triple H - “That was awkward.” 🤣

  • LaCokaNostra81
    LaCokaNostra812 giorni fa

    Poppy vs. Charlotte in a hell-in-a-cell match.

  • Chuck Green
    Chuck Green2 giorni fa


  • Martin Teece
    Martin Teece2 giorni fa

    Dexter is here in nxt. Wow I thought he went back to indepent circuit for but. Love that he getting to use the creepy silent type he did with tna back I the day.

  • Nqabayomuzi Khulile KaMangweni Gumede
    Nqabayomuzi Khulile KaMangweni Gumede2 giorni fa

    Regal's reactions in the back😂😂😂

  • Ez Peasy
    Ez Peasy2 giorni fa

    Lol what had wwe become

  • johnnynorris21
    johnnynorris212 giorni fa

    That was so 🆒

  • Shivansh xVxC
    Shivansh xVxC2 giorni fa

    Poppy is ❤️❤️

  • Moxley Is Mad
    Moxley Is Mad2 giorni fa

    Dexter : 😐😐😐 Triple H : 😌😌😌 William Regal : 🤔🤔🤔 Poppy : 😊😊😊 Indi : 😰😰😰

  • flame028
    flame0282 giorni fa

    Triple H's reactions are always on point. lol!

  • al-salman 95
    al-salman 952 giorni fa

    she dropped from school for this

  • Sports Newz
    Sports Newz2 giorni fa

    I like all of their face expressions!!!

  • Sports Newz
    Sports Newz2 giorni fa

    I like Triple H facial expression!!!

  • jose armando mercado sanchez
    jose armando mercado sanchez2 giorni fa


  • Anthony bhola
    Anthony bhola2 giorni fa

    What's with triple h face during this segment

  • LastRoninGamer
    LastRoninGamer2 giorni fa

    Regal looked genuinely concerned Triple H looked like he was excited to see what happened next

  • I'm THAT Leon
    I'm THAT Leon2 giorni fa

    Why won't they have Poppy replace Def Rebel?

  • Dylan Duffy
    Dylan Duffy2 giorni fa

    Rock stars have gotten strange over the years

  • loggs97
    loggs972 giorni fa

    That reaction though

  • Jey Haley
    Jey Haley2 giorni fa

    Legendary lol H and Regal reactions

  • Unchosen _One
    Unchosen _One2 giorni fa

    This has become so satanic it's sick! Wtf happened to this world? They're all sellout satanists..

  • Forrest King
    Forrest King2 giorni fa

    Why is it every time I see poppy I think about screwing her brains out?

  • chriis napolion
    chriis napolion2 giorni fa

    Poppy is got some screws loose

  • K.T. Cuffari
    K.T. Cuffari2 giorni fa

    Everything about this was gold

  • Randy orton
    Randy orton2 giorni fa

    William Regal reaction😂😂

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom3 giorni fa

    I actually completely forgot about her

  • Aidyn Leya
    Aidyn Leya3 giorni fa

    Wwe is a joke

  • Bad News Gerard
    Bad News Gerard3 giorni fa

    Lucky guy

  • yyrgx hernandez
    yyrgx hernandez3 giorni fa

    dexter is the best

    MELLYMELMUSIC3 giorni fa

    "Technology is Amazing"-HHH

  • Wrestling Memeration
    Wrestling Memeration3 giorni fa

    Triple H impressed by technology sounds like my dad when I created his Facebook account lmao.

  • Wrestling Memeration
    Wrestling Memeration3 giorni fa

    Poppy: 🤗 Dexter: 😳 William: 😟 Hunter: 😲 Indi: 😖

  • Fat Larry
    Fat Larry3 giorni fa

    "Introducing NXT's favorite band in the world, Poppy!!!" -Tony Chimmel (probably)

  • denraW eB
    denraW eB3 giorni fa

    Now thats a neck

  • Brandon Goins
    Brandon Goins3 giorni fa

    Indie is such a gem!

    ÈLÎTÖ VÎRÜS3 giorni fa

    is this the same poppy who created those creepy "i'm poppy" videos?

  • Michael Forbes
    Michael Forbes3 giorni fa

    Is that the dude from TNA? Shaw or whatever?

  • Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast
    Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast3 giorni fa

    Everybody hating on this storyline, but it RULES.

  • Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast

    Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast

    3 giorni fa

    Dexter is the best.

  • Varuna Eeriyaulla
    Varuna Eeriyaulla3 giorni fa

    I really like Dexter. he is one of the wrestlers who can outshine Cross.

  • brendan klein
    brendan klein3 giorni fa

    Poppy’s weird

  • Li Da Jun Benn
    Li Da Jun Benn3 giorni fa

    And now, Dexter is now in love with another girl, poppy.

  • Villarg.Gaming
    Villarg.Gaming3 giorni fa

    NXT is way better than the main roster

  • RTS tV
    RTS tV3 giorni fa


  • Adjit Ps
    Adjit Ps3 giorni fa

    Poppy vs Alexa Bliss, who do you think is sexier??

  • thisisyoohoo
    thisisyoohoo3 giorni fa

    Poppy and Dexter sitting in a tree...WTF is happening...

    GNARLY RAY3 giorni fa

    Poppy is so cool.

  • Conor McConaghy
    Conor McConaghy3 giorni fa

    This is better then raw and smackdown

  • Captain Sameer
    Captain Sameer3 giorni fa

    Oh man she is so pretty 😯😯

  • John Paul
    John Paul3 giorni fa

    You just have to love Dexter Lumis, i hope he never gets called up

  • Wobbly Steve
    Wobbly Steve3 giorni fa

    Terrible segment very badly done

  • Hana Kuso
    Hana Kuso3 giorni fa

    Remember the Buddy Mhurpy x Mysterio family story? Triple H made it better.

  • Pratap Ratna Bajracharya
    Pratap Ratna Bajracharya3 giorni fa

    I'm poppy I'm poopy I'm poppy I'm poopy I'm poppy I'm poopy I'm poppy I'm poopy I'm poppy I'm poopy I'm poppy I'm poopy Till here .. Girl has changed..

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith3 giorni fa

    Triple H soundin like he eating the weights

  • Josieee
    Josieee3 giorni fa

    i'm still so confused about poppy x nxt ahaha. i've been a poppy fan for years, as well as wwe, and then this whole thing just HAPPENED? OUT OF NOWHERE?

    UMANG PLAYS3 giorni fa

    Dexter: Tonight's the night..and it's gonna happen again and again.

  • Falizah Abdullahi
    Falizah Abdullahi3 giorni fa

    She is getting jealous 😃

  • CD11
    CD113 giorni fa

    That is like the most awkward segment I have ever seen lol

  • Hangboy Gamer
    Hangboy Gamer3 giorni fa

    Dexter Looked Sooo Scared when Indi Ran Away 😂

  • Panama Sunrise
    Panama Sunrise3 giorni fa

    Triple H is learning facial expressions from his father in law

  • American Badass
    American Badass3 giorni fa

    Regal and dexter loved ❤ ♥ 💕

  • American Badass
    American Badass3 giorni fa

    Hey 👋 dexter we dealing with the same

  • American Badass
    American Badass3 giorni fa

    Wwe dexter lumis is man 👨 champion 💪

  • Demon shadow CJ red
    Demon shadow CJ red3 giorni fa

    I think this is one funniest night ever look at Triple H and everyone's faces 🤣🤣😂

  • Demon shadow CJ red
    Demon shadow CJ red3 giorni fa


  • Awil Abdoulaziz
    Awil Abdoulaziz3 giorni fa

    Hahaha face dexter so amazing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yoda
    Yoda3 giorni fa

    Wonder how Ghostemane feels about all this

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